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Pentana Solutions’ mantra in the parts world is simple: less keying, fewer errors and increased sales. eraPower’s accuracy, security and useability makes it the ideal ERP tool for parts. It’s fully integrated meaning less manual work for employees and fewer errors from duplicated entries. The scanning and bar coding solutions available streamline your entire parts department, giving you visibility and control like never before.


The lengths Pentana Solutions goes to in order to secure and protect customer data goes unmatched across the industry. Publicly listed companies such as AHG, AP Eagers and Inchape all trust Pentana Solutions’ eraPower with their data and security for they know the measures we go to always protect our customers. All transactions are date and time stamped so you can always have a trail of changes made to your data.


Pentana Solutions’ eraPower is fully integrated across your entire dealership; all information is only keyed one time and is updated across the entire Dealer Management System. All parts pricing and details are updated across the Dealer Management System in real-time, meaning you never have to second guess whether you are looking at the correct figures or not. All data is instantaneously available at all times, making the inventory accuracy afforded by eraPower unparalleled.


The bar coding and scanning solutions available through eraPower have the ability to streamline the entire parts department. After easy training, your parts department can create labels, anticipate stock inventory refills, simplify Stock take and unpack inventory quicker through Pentana Solutions’ logistic solutions. Dealerships confirm substantial savings are made in Picking, Supplier order unpacking, Customer order packing and stock control. One dealership recorded an average savings of $45,000 a year after implementing the scanning units.

“There are minimal picking, packing and stock order put away errors, thus leading onto the fact that less parts are returned due to incorrect parts picked and sent to customers, requiring less time to rectify problems.”

- Fixed Operations Manager, OldMac Toyota

Through parts labeling, dealerships can create their own labels for those parts stocked that do not have their own barcode. For the parts order unpacking process, dealers gain speed and efficiency with the ability to check on progress and see the audit trail of who unpacked what and location errors with minimal effort.


We’re aware of just how crucial service retention is in the automotive industry today, knowing there is little room for missed opportunity. That’s why we deliver streamlined, mobile solutions that give you an unmatchable advantage over your competitors, ensuring your service department runs at its full potential.

eraPower’s vast array of service modules and integrated software allow you full transparency and control of your business. From customer service on the front line to the workshop, we have your service department seamlessly covered. With the help of our expert service consultants, you can identify profit leaks, improve efficiencies and mobilise your service department.

Integrated online service bookings on your dealership website, loan car management, customer retention reporting, workshop control, service scheduler and driveway service tablets are just a few of the modules available that are raising the bar in the service area - giving your customers and your bottom line the ultimate lasting impression.

For more information on any of these service modules, please click “Add-on Modules” on the lefthand side of your screen.

Add On Modules for eraPower

eraPower Apps | Service Concierge and Loan Car

eraPower Service Concierge and Loan Car apps deliver a unique and personal experience to your customers.

Loan Car Solution

Our Loan Car solution provides the ability to book, schedule, monitor and search all loan car inventory such as staff cars, courtesy cars and test drive vehicles. Improve your efficiencies with this comprehensive solution.

Integrated Online Service Booking

Allow your customers to book and manage service appointments straight from your website, with the appointment integrating straight through to your DMS.

Future Service Appointments

Pre-book service appointments whilst your customer is still in the dealership - just like the dentist!

Dynamic Warehousing

Dynamic Warehousing, a module of eraPower has a strong benefit set for its users. Existing parts specialists intimately understand bin, pallet, tub, rack, shelf or moulding tube storage but need an assistant to maintain appropriate locations, or need be, multiple locations. However, research shows that people will always be more generous with storage than they need to be.

Bay Diary

Control your workshop bays through pure sophistication using our Bay Diary solution. Learn more to avoid suffering an empty service bay again.

Service Advisor

Service Advisor is the key to running a successful, profitable service department, with all information relevant to what is happening in your business today.

Workshop Control

Developed to maximise technician resources in your workshop, Workshop Control assists the foreman or controller to allocate all work in a time conscious and productive manner.


With Heatbeat, you can monitor your DMS service asset in real-time. You'll proactively be in front of any potential server performance issues before they can arise.

Parts Receipting

Receive parts invoices directly into your dealer management system with this solution, increasing the efficiency of your parts department and its everyday processes.

Logistic Solutions

Logistic Solutions implements the latest technology and places it directly into your parts department. The three-phase solution includes labelling, scanning and picking for your parts warehouse and will automate existing processes.


SMSLink is a fully integrated text messaging tool to enhance how you communicate with customers. Through this integration into report writer, there’s no longer a need to extract information to third party platforms to send a message.

Parts Ordering

Parts Ordering allows a dealership to transfer a parts order to the PC for upload into the manufacturer system without the need to double key data.

Licence Scanner

Transfer all contact details from a driver's licence into your DMS in one click.


With this innovative solution, you have the ability to check the Personal Property Security Register electronically from within your Dealer Management System.


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