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What is Handle?

Handle is a brand new integrator tool that makes selling parts online, easier. It seamlessly connects the DMS to multiple websites, with eBay being the first in a series, saving you the leg work of it all. Now, when dealers sell inventory online through eBay, Amazon and others - the transactions are automatically generated and acted on through the dealer management system.

Handle was designed to automate and complete a web sales order – from the ordering point to the warehouse picking/packing/shipping and finishing through the invoice payment. There’s no longer a need for parts staff to manually key in invoices or reconcile inventory between the various systems. Manual orders that used to take 5 minutes per invoice to complete are now done in an instant.


Dealers are finding that the online market is proving to be one of the fastest and most profitable avenues for selling inventory. Whether through eBay, Gumtree, Amazon or other – many dealers are using third party websites to upload pictures of their stock and sell straight to the public. Handle gives the Dealer efficiency and optimisation in the online market; centralising all online transactions with one easy to view interface. It’s now possible to manage thousands of part sales from multiple dealerships, with one Handle.

Who Can Benefit?

Any Dealer who is looking for ways to increase parts profitability - Handle is a no brainer. You can arrive at the dealership in the morning, view orders that were paid overnight, and act on them straight away in the warehouse. As simple as that; no more reconciling, drafting invoices or duplicating entries. Better yet, customers will experience faster delivery, making your dealership the optimal choice for future transactions.


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