Streamline and optimise workflows to drive success

DealerPRO, accost-effective, fully integrated Dealer Management System. Developed with cutting-edge technology, DealerPRO offers user-friendly interfaces for unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and security. Designed for seamless dealership operations, it allows sales staff to manage contracts efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving profits. DealerPRO's modular design unites teams, streamlining processes across dealership management.

Mobility Apps

Showroom Management


Service Automation

Accounting And Administration

Parts Management

Business Intelligence

Streamlining your dealership success

Boost sales and relationships

Boost sales and relationships

Sales Process Enhancement

DealerPRO streamlines the sales process, automating workflows and tracking leads, leading to quicker sales and improved customer satisfaction.


Real-time Inventory Management

DealerPRO efficiently manages vehicle inventory, offering live updates on stock and simplified handling of both new and used vehicles.

Advanced CRM Capabilities

DealerPRO includes CRM functionalities for detailed customer profiles, personalised communication, and targeted marketing, enhancing customer retention.

Simplify finance and servicing

Simplify finance and servicing

Integrated Financial Management

DealerPRO provides comprehensive financial modules for invoicing, billing, and accounting, ensuring accuracy and consistency in financial reporting

Service and Maintenance Efficiency

DealerPRO improves service department performance by managing appointments, tracking maintenance, and automating service processes.

Parts Inventory Optimisation

DealerPRO aids in effectively managing parts inventory, ensuring the availability of necessary parts for service jobs, and reducing inventory-related costs.


Seamless Dealership Management

DealerPro redefines dealership management by offering cost-effective, integrated technology solutions for enhanced efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction, all while streamlining operations and driving profitability.

Mobility Apps

Enhance on-the-go customer interactions with DealerPRO’s mobile functionality.

Showroom Management

Boost your sales process by standardising customer experience and maximising up-sell opportunities.

Customer Relationship Management

Cultivate lasting, profitable customer connections, ensuring continual revenue growth through robust relationship management and opportunity generation.

Service Automation

Efficiently service customers with automated reminders, precise billing, forecasting, and forward booking calendar visibility.

Accounting and Administration

Integrates seamlessly with other systems and eliminates document re-keying ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Parts Management

Improve service and reduce inventory waste with automated reordering, real-time supersession control, and comprehensive inventory management tools.

Our Transport feature handles quoting and booking, and tracking of shipments all from in the Parex Platform.

Business Intelligence

Real-time dealership performance monitoring with device-accessible reports.

Cloud Flexibility

Cloud-based, hardware-independent software. Secure and scalable with support for self-hosting.

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