Aust & NZ
1st Apr 2016

Our newest DMS, eraPower has some great features that will completely recharge a customer’s experience of your service department. The service module of eraPower has been designed with the big picture in mind, we want you to have happy customers as we know a happy customer is a return customer. A benefit of eraPower is the processes which you use on a day-to-day basis have been placed into an intuitive interface whilst offering re-imagined functionality. The best part is, you don’t need to be chained to your desk as eraPower is device agnostic, you can take it anywhere.

To give you a very brief insight, there’re a few modules which highlight some characteristics within eraPower assisting your service department to reach top gear.

Online Service Booking

Technology has allowed people to be more resourceful, communicate more easily and remove hurdles which used to stand in the way. With consumers regularly accessing products and services at a time which suit them, allow your business to be open when others are closed. Allow customers to book their service appointments into the workshop with the least amount of disruption to staff time as possible. How can this be done? With the use of Online Service Booking. A fully integrated webtool that sits on your website allowing customers to book online 24/7. A customer can book their service appointment, view service history, and previous invoice details all in real-time from their lounge room or around the world on a business trip.

Once booked in, other opportunities exist to upsell additional products and parts increasing the value of the customer and their service. Click here for more information about Online Service Booking.

Loan Car

We imagine you have a fleet of loan cars, for either staff, courtesy cars and perhaps even a test drive fleet for the use of the sales department. An available loan car can be the point of difference for a customer booking in a service appointment, some call it the first link in the chain. Loan Car is the first step in the right direction to spend more time servicing cars, and less time in front of a computer. Place the customer in a nice vehicle and they may come back with a few questions on how to get into one permanently. Click here for more information about Loan Car.

Service Advisor

If you like being in control and want to know exactly what’s happening in your service department at any given time, Service Advisor has been designed for you. It’s the key to running a successful and profitable service department as all necessary information in your department is at your fingertips. Check the job status, send an internal email or even see where each job belonging to a Service Advisor is up to and what is due to happen next. Service Advisor gives you a high-level overview of all vehicles in your service department. It really is for those who want to have complete control. Click here for more information about Service Advisor.

Workshop Control

To truly maximise the efficiency of the resources in the service department, Workshop Control will ensure not one moment of your technician’s time is wasted. With the click of a few buttons, you can allocate any of your technicians to the jobs currently in your service department. Accurately allocate technicians with different expertise to perform their task on a vehicle avoiding them working on top of each other. Monitor mode allows complete transparency as you display the technician’s workload on a separate screen allowing them to see what their new task will be. Click here for more information about Workshop Control.

Bay Diary

The common tyre marks seen on workshop floors show signs of a vehicle being moved from bay to bay or around the workshop for different reasons . Our Bay Diary solution allows vehicles to be allocated time in a specific bay, at a certain time of the day all chosen by you. With this solution, you’ll be able to accurately advise the customer what time the service will start and finish. They’ll be happier as queues are avoided at the service desk during the early morning and late afternoon peak times. Allocate the different function of bays in your workshop to the diary and watch as a car seamlessly transitions between a mechanical service and wheel alignment for example. Click here for more information about Bay Diary.

With just these few modules alone, a service department can be completely recharged promoting a promising experience for the customer. It’s important that the time a vehicle spends in your workshop is done with maximum efficiency so you can spend less time performing the entire service requirements and more time talking to the customer about the other products and services you can offer.

If a business with a rejuvenated service department is the goal, complete the form below for more information.