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4th Jun 2015

Future Service Appointments – How it All Began.

Evant Turner
Evan Turner

Hi there, I’m Evan Turner,

I am one of the service product managers at Pentana Solutions, and I am proud to say that there are currently 1,126 dealerships across Australia using our ERAnet product. Over the past 40 years, you have been at the heart of each of the developmental stages of ERAnet’s evolution. So on behalf of the Pentana Solutions Innovations team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible support.

Created for the single reason of helping you succeed in business, ERAnet is evolving and ever changing. Today, it is a robust Dealer Management System (DMS).

I believe that as long as we are all committed to a collaborative approach, the Automotive dealership sector will continue to thrive. Over time, we have successfully worked hand-in-hand with you to develop tools within ERAnet to proficiently operate your dealership in a challenging market.

Why are we publishing this information?

Driving success through innovation is what we know and do best, so I am pleased to announce the latest ERAnet module, Future Service Appointments.

Some time ago, we had thought-provoking discussions with members of the ERAnet community who openly shared some of their challenges, in particular within the areas of managing customer service records and increasing future service appointments.

The dealers I spoke with recalled how time-and-time again they tried to get customers to commit to scheduling their next service appointment. This process was often frustrating, especially when service reminders were not scheduled to be sent out. We knew this was a serious matter, it was clear they desired a DMS which would allow service advisors to pre-book future appointments at the time of a current service visit. Based on this collaboration of thoughts, Pentana Solutions committed to further investment in ERAnet.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on the Future Service Appointment project, liaising with quality analyst and developers. For several months, the team buckled down to complete the module, undertaking several measures to annul any programming bugs. After rigorous testing, I am confident to say that we have created a powerful module and delivered the best product to market.

The Future Service Appointment module facilitates the management of customer service records, but most importantly assists dealers in increasing customer retention numbers. The module makes it possible for the service advisor to ‘lock-in’ customers for their next appointment before leaving the dealership.

Although pre-service booking is the primary component of the module, there are other benefits to be gained. I invite you to read on and watch the videos which demonstrate just how easy it is to use.

Despite the module being in its early market stage, the figures so far indicate a strong potential to improve customer retention rates. At the recent Pentana Solutions Power Summit, I gave a presentation on the Future Service Appointment module and reported on real data. You can now view my presentation online by following this link.

Other sources of information will soon become available in our company blog and social media channels, LinkedIn and Google+, so make sure you stay connected online. The digital posts will cover many topics including, what every ERAnet user ought to know about Future Service Appointments, frequently asked questions and more. Alternatively, if you wish to speak with one of our representatives, please click here.

I trust that over the coming months, our latest ERAnet innovation, Future Service Appointments, will help you drive profits within your service department.

Kind Regards,

Evan Turner

Service Product Manager

Pentana Solutions