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At the heart of Pentana Solutions’ eraPower lies customer relationship management. We know how important customer retention is to a dealership’s life cycle, and we’ve developed software to take your customer relationships to the next level. Through integration and the latest cutting-edge technology, we’re able to provide a platform for you to not only maintain your customer relationships, but watch them grow.

The basic, common perception of customer relationship management is a way of the past. At Pentana Solutions, Customer Relationship Management has a much more advanced meaning. Pentana Solutions’ eraPower was developed using the most advanced modern technology – inspired by dealers for dealers. It operates on user-friendly interfaces to give you efficiency and 360 degrees of clarity – resulting in better client management.

The customer relationship management modules within Pentana Solutions’ eraPower are highly integrated and designed to optimise the dealership’s relationships with its clients through client and prospect management, schedule and diary, quotation and presales marketing.

In addition, Pentana Solutions provides an outsourced contact centre for OEMs and dealers. Pentana Solutions talks directly with dealerships’ customers to obtain accurate data – essentially doing the time-consuming hard work for you. Pentana Solutions’ eraPower gathers and analyses the customer satisfaction responses and the verification of CRM data and relays it all back to the dealer in real-time. Because eraPower is completely compatible with the most widely used office automation applications, the CRM data is fully integrated and provided directly back to the dealer through the operating system.

The advanced, automated customer relationship management processes afforded to dealers through eraPower are guaranteed to ensure customer relationship optimisation. eraPower gives you the tools you need to always stay top of mind with your customers, whether that be through service reminders or anniversary SMS’s. The result of low cost, high reward marketing can set you apart from other dealerships in a competitive market. And the extra touch you give can leave a lasting impression in customers’ minds – essentially creating customers for life. By keeping in constant contact with your customers you can easily increase your CSI, and ensure your customers never go out of reach.

Add On Modules for eraPower


SMSLink is a fully integrated text messaging tool to enhance how you communicate with customers. Through this integration into report writer, there’s no longer a need to extract information to third party platforms to send a message.


Executive is a business intelligence tool providing you with the ability to pinpoint area's in your dealership which generates the most revenue.

Executive Anywhere

Executive Anywhere provides mobile access to the business intelligence within your DMS.

Licence Scanner

Transfer all contact details from a driver's licence into your DMS in one click.


With this innovative solution, you have the ability to check the Personal Property Security Register electronically from within your Dealer Management System.


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