Aust & NZ
18th Sep 2015

Continued integration within eraPower

If there’s a program or service offered by an external party within the automotive industry, and it offers a valuable feature to a dealer, we feel it’s due diligence that our software system must be able to interact and exchange data. Let us introduce you to our integrated personal property security register check (iPPSR).

Within the ERP, dealers are able to do the entire PPSR check process instead of having to use multiple external systems. You will no longer be required to use paper, just another reason why Pentana Solutions is the innovative leader in the automotive software industry.

Is it easy to use?

With the click of the button, you can view the PPSR status, written-off status or stolen status recorded from a PPSR certificate previously generated from AutoCheck or eraPower. Then, you will quickly see the result as either PASS, FAIL or N/A. If there are no encumbrances, write off, stolen or car history statuses then PASS will display. However, if one of these statuses has been recorded against the vehicle identification number then FAIL will display. In the event that the PPSR certificate or car history report has not been generated then not applicable (N/A) will display.

Additional to this information, iPPSR includes a centralised note panel, storing notes regarding transaction and encumbrance information. You will also see if the certificate was generated by an ERA or AutoCheck user, where and when the certificate was generated and the certificate number.

Watch our executive Craig Stanley discuss the benefits of iPPSR.

If you’d like to learn more about iPPSR or the other available integrated systems within ERA, please contact us here!