Aust & NZ
12th Oct 2015

Tips and Tricks - ERAnet - Service - Sublet mark-up %

Have you ever wanted to increase a sublet mark-up%? This edition of Tips and Tricks explains how to increase the sublet % for outsources jobs.

Symptoms: We would like to change the % markup on sublets. Where can we do this?

Category: Service

Type: Sublets

Urgency: 3

How to identify this issue: We would like to change the % amount that the sublets automatically mark up.

How to rectify this issue: If you go to 3624 and enter the vehicle make you would like to change, you will see the screen below.

This is where you can change the % that the sublet is marked up by.

Check if issue is resolved: Next time you cost a sublet it should automatically mark up the sublet the % you have set.

Unable to Resolve: If this does not resolve your issue please contact the Pentana Solutions help desk.