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This Dealer Management System (DMS) caters well for vehicle dealerships looking to enhance their capabilities within the showroom. It also offers great benefit as a specialised machinery, marine and agricultural Dealer Management System. Really the solution is all about saving your showroom staff time on every quote or deal to ensure they can do more every month.

Make Those Quotes Into Sales

We all understand the concept of low hanging fruit and customers with quotations in their hand are just that. DealerPRO’s showroom software will allow each consultant to design a predetermined contact schedule for each of their prospects. This keep prospecting down to a disciplines process of diarised phone calls, mail merges within the Dealer Management System and many other of today’s best sales techniques. This is effectively smarter marketing automation, or a personal assistant by design. Smart hey?

Efficiency & Straight Forward Deals

It’s all about bundling here, particularly in the marine dealership. In this instance a dealer’s end customer will, most often buy all components for their boat, hull, motor and trailer at the same time. DealerPRO is designed to let dealership sales staff works through one contract or deal, not three or more, making the dealer management system (DMS) a great sales aide, not a time sapping /p>

Add On Modules for DealerPRO

SMSLink - DealerPRO

SMSLink is a fully integrated text messaging tool to enhance how you communicate with customers. Through this integration, there’s no longer a need to extract information to third party platforms to send a message.


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