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22nd Nov 2021

DealerPRO is now the mandated DMS for MAN Truck and Bus Thailand

We are proud to announce MAN Truck and Bus has selected DealerPRO by Pentana Solutions as their Dealer Management System of choice for all locations in Thailand.

It feels like just yesterday we won over Triumph Motorcycles. You may be wondering, why is an increasing number of brands are choosing DealerPRO over the many other options out there today?

Deciding on which DMS is best for your dealership would be a quick and easy decision if all it took was to look for the cheapest quote we can find. However, as you probably already know, this often leads to unforeseen operational issues, increased costs and lost opportunities.

To help you understand what makes DealerPRO the preferred choice among dealerships, we’ve put together this list of MAN Truck and Bus’ key selection criteria which you may find important to you as well.

Language Localization

DealerPRO can be adapted in any language. Removing language barriers makes it possible for anyone to use with ease.

Compliance with the Data Privacy Act

DealerPRO ensures all information collected, modified and stored are in accordance with local Data Privacy laws. Simply plug and play.

Compliance with Local Statutory Requirements

DealerPRO makes it possible to generate quality financial statements in just a few clicks. Saving you countless hours, maybe even days.

Service Mobility Applications

Serve your customers as soon as they step in the door a more upfront, personalized customer experience.

Centralized Service History

Provides visibility across all networks. Helping ensure recall campaigns are completed, but never done twice.

Pre-Built Standardized KPI reporting

Get a clear, standardized overview of every location’s performance, ensuring compliance to company standards, policies and best practices.

Local Support Team

It does not matter how many features a system has if it isn’t utilized it to its fullest potential. Having a local, on-ground support team can make a huge difference in driving efficiency.

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If you’re interested in learning more about DealerPRO Dealer Management System, contact us here.