Aust & NZ
22nd Jan 2014

Recently, Pentana Solutions received update from the 9 Ford locations of SHK in Thailand that went live December and January of last year. SHK, a suite of companies located in Thailand comprising of over 700 employees, decided to have their Ford franchises move onto Pentana Solutions’ dealer management system, DealerPRO. Initially, the main selling point for choosing Pentana Solutions was Pentana Solutions’ Executive software. Uploading all makes, models and even non-motor industry businesses into DealerPRO and combining data in Executive reporting allows them to streamline all of their locations and businesses together.

In their own words, SHK has given the following feedback on account of how DealerPRO is going one year later.

“Pentana Solutions provides good support, online and onsite, having the issue solved within 1-2 days excluding holidays. In addition, Pentana Solutions staff always work very hard when onsite.

Pentana Solutions has a consultant that can answer, guide and suggest how to run their business more efficiently for all modules - Parts, Service, Showroom and Accounting.

If the system ever has a technical bug, the Pentana Solutions consultant gives alternative ways to go about doing the same process so that business can continue to run.

Pentana Solutions’ sales team always follow up with friendly conversation, not just to ask for or issue a bill.”

SHK is continuing to thrive on Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO - presently mapping out the accounts for DealerPRO’s Executive reporting and aim to commence complete reporting in the 2014 year. We are thrilled with the feedback from SHK and look forward to being apart of their continued success for years to come.