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Flexible, integrated solutions that give you full control over your dealership.

DealerPRO’s foundation in the Showroom area surround three key ideas: flexibility, visibility and integration. DealerPRO was specifically designed to suit the most complex, multi-group businesses as well as the single-make, smaller dealerships. The innovative tools are flexible enough to suit your needs regardless of size, and were built to carry your dealership far into the future. Several key modules: Report Writer, Marketing, Marketing Management, New Vehicle Management and Used Vehicle Management are all customised to optimise every operating environment.

Marketing & Presales Management

The Marketing Management module makes it easy to establish and maintain relationships between the customer and the dealership. We make it simple to keep track of all personal, family and reference information for each of the dealership’s contacts. You can associate a number of accounts with a single subject i.e. Commercial Client, PostSales, and Supplier - which can then be used conveniently for marketing and mass customer communications.

Using the Schedule module allows the user to schedule appointments simply and efficiently. Choosing from a daily, weekly or monthly display; simply enter the actions to be carried out (make a quotation, book a road test) and attach any memos necessary before sending off to the appropriate person responsible for carrying out the assigned actions.

The Proposals module acts as a second hand to your sales staff – ensuring all proposed sales are in line with the requirements of colour, interior, optional accessories and packages, services available and all variations of financing. The clarity and convenience afforded to the sales team through accurate representation of the details ensures the sales go smoother and easier for both parties. In addition, you can make the sale even more seamless by associating photographs and films with the various vehicles and extras, with the option to add a direct link to the page of the website, and always present the latest technical and multimedia information available.

New Vehicle Management

The New Vehicle Management module is the perfect complement to the Presales tool, with data integrating seamlessly between the two. The New Vehicle Management module continues to organise and manage all of the orders, contracts, legal papers and sales offers in the back end. All information is readily available and organised to be accessed from the site, group or brand level by approved users. There are also advanced analysis functions readily available including profitability for individual negotiations, profitability on the basis of a chain of traded-in used cars, logistics management and more. Furthermore, dependent on the vehicle make, DealerPRO can automatically obtain and update information on a regular basis regarding order management, production progress, registration certificates, telematics invoicing and more.

Used Vehicle Management

DealerPRO manages every aspect throughout the used car sales process – from the operations of purchasing and assessing, to managing the legal requirements, through to marketing and the ultimate sell. Again, integration is the key to Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO’s success. DealerPRO integrates with external assessment databases to correctly identify the car, view price lists and expert technical reports, assess different parameters and see regular revisions of value and sell price. DealerPRO provides you with the accurate data you need, including estimation of any repair work and complete graphical diagrams for surveying damages, while storing the rest away for easy attainability. All documents relating to the used vehicle can be obtained by any remote site, meaning the information you need is always readily at your fingertips.

Success Story

What makes Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO so successful? Don’t just take our word for it - instead ask award-winning dealer group, Autotorino. Autotorino manages over 250 employees and sells over 10,000 with DealerPRO. The dealer group is able to know in real-time exactly how many negotiations and contracts they’re managing – at each location, for every sales person. Their sales team is supported with mobile sales tools to better deal with negotiations – improving profit margins. During negotiations, trade-in vehicle values are clearly understood, supported by an analysis on “rotation times” of used stock. A clear snapshot into a user-friendly, intuitive, integrated dealer management system can make all the difference in the world; faster turnover of the entire dealership and improved margins of 7% on used car sales have been achieved in just one year.

The dealership-changing effects that DealerPRO can bring to your business are hard to cover in 500 words on a website. To learn more, contact our global sales team who are waiting by to answer your questions and tell you more.


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