Aust & NZ
20th Aug 2015

Pentana Solutions has been providing showroom solutions - as a standalone module and as a fully integrated solution embedded in the Dealer Management System (DMS) – for over 40 years.

With an ever evolving marketplace, increasing demands from customers and an industry focussed on product innovation, we continue to invest significantly in our Research and Development (R&D).

As a result, a new showroom solution, specifically designed for used vehicles sales, is now in pilot with a number of our dealers.

How British dealers will benefit

In having a showroom solution which is solely focussed on the management of used vehicles sales, dealers will have the tools to manage their used vehicle stock more effectively and more efficiently… by being able to improve their vehicle trade-in appraisal process, achieve faster inventory turnaround and reduce vehicle stock days all of which will increase gross profits. DealerPRO Showroom delivers exactly this.

The solution is mobile to extend these key benefits beyond the traditional PC providing flexibility for sales teams.

By integrating DealerPRO Showroom with dealers’ Business Intelligence, stock acquisition is radically improved (by analysing data on historical stock turnover), hence refining stock turnaround even more so…

Mike Gadd, Pentana Solutions’ Vice President for UK Retail sales, states…

“The next logical step in our development of the showroom functionality in DealerPRO, was to develop a solution specifically for used vehicle management.

DealerPRO Showroom has been developed for this sole purpose and actively supports dealers’ sales people to sell more used cars.

The solution is fully mobile thus enabling sales people to evaluate the condition of a pre-owned vehicle with the use of a tablet or mobile device for taking pictures to help ensure a fully informed appraisal. It also allows customers the ability to approve a contract from a smartphone.

DealerPRO Showroom provides our dealers with unrivalled functionality.”