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Why Pentana Solutions

For 40 years, Pentana Solutions has pushed the automotive envelope through innovation, cutting edge technology and industry changing invention. We think outside the box. We push the boundaries. And we never stop developing for the future. Why? Our customers. Our passion for the industry and our expertise in the field drive us to always look for the next opportunity. Through customer collaboration and 40 years of industry knowledge, we work around the clock to ensure our customers’ businesses operate more profitably. With a global footprint spanning more than 100 countries and 50,000 users – we’re driven to deliver innovative solutions that transform the way you’ll work tomorrow.

Pentana Solutions' 40 Year Heritage

What Our Clients Say

Tony Carter

Dealer Principal, Shacks Holden
“We sent this direct marketing campaign to nearly 8,000 people and the results were a great surprise. Within a few short minutes the CRM driven direct mail piece was sending us a 'solid stream' of enquiries as well as highlighting undeliverable email addresses which were followed up by phone. In an hour, sales managers were inundated with phone calls. Just four hours after the direct marketing campaign went live we sold the first of fourteen additional vehicles. If ever we needed proof that this CRM software works as a powerful marketing tool, this is it. The team are convinced and I am convinced.”

Michael Day

IT Manager, Ireland's Dealer Group
“We incurred $70,000 worth of audit fines in the 12 months leading up to the install due to missing documents, and had a constant stream of vendors calling Accounts Payable for payment of invoices we couldn’t locate. Now, vendors email their invoices in and straight away they are archived and loaded into Accounts Payable for review and assigning to the invoice approver. Gone are the days of the sick feeling in the stomach when the auditors come knocking, or the angry vendor calls for payment for the 3rd month running.”

David Starr

IT Manager, Inchcape
“The reason we chose Pentana Solutions is fairly simple. There was no other product on the market at that time capable of handling the information management requirements of our business and that of our partners. Pentana Solutions stood alone in terms of its understanding and expertise in a complex import distribution business environment.”

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We have a global sales team standing by to help with any enquiries you may have. Should you require any further information regarding our dealer management systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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