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Market, sell & satisfy with industry leading CRM software, DealerSocket.

DealerSocket CRM has assisted our customers to increase yearly sales by 2.6% and increase repeat customers by 15% in a declining market.

On average, our dealer groups sold an extra 249 vehicles due to targeted CRM Campaigns from within the DMS.

“In the past 3 months, we have closed 37 deals to customers marked as lost by our salespeople, 46 deals to customers receiving anniversary calls, and 73 deals to customers we have proactively contacted regarding specific offers and other initiatives. This represents a huge portion of our business we may never have received without having Pentana Solutions’ DealerSocket to support our prospecting.”

- IT Manager, Ireland’s Dealer Group


The crux of Pentana Solutions’ CRM software, DealerSocket, is attracting customers who would not have come to your dealership otherwise. Through campaign management, customer loyalty and ROI reporting – you can reduce your marketing expenses by reaching the right customers at the right time, with the right message. Using easy-to- use campaign filters and business rules, target potential and existing customers with anniversary calls, service reminders, insurance expiry or new offers. With the CRM software’s smart marketing, you can be sure your customers never go out of reach.

“As you know I ran a major Pentana Solutions’ DealerSocket campaign starting at 2:30pm yesterday. Thought you might want to know – 24 hours later we have 11 confirmed deals, 2 waiting confirmation and many more to work on overcoming days. Possibly our biggest campaign to date.”

- Dealer Principal, Shacks Holden & HSV


With Pentana Solutions’ DealerSocket, you sell more cars. How? Through internet lead management, showroom tracking, telephone tracking and structured business rules – the CRM software empowers your staff to take advantage of every opportunity. For example with DealerSocket, you’re able to setup campaigns that target customers seen as an opportunity, having met certain criteria, and automatically assign them to an individual or a group of people to make contact - essentially compelling your staff to follow up otherwise lost sales. Furthermore, escalate any leads that go untouched for “X” amount of time to the next available representative. Either way, with Pentana Solutions’ DealerSocket you can be rest assured no sales opportunity goes unmissed.

“So far, Pentana Solutions’ DealerSocket has been primarily used by Sales Managers and their Sales Staff to manage all (internet, telephone and showroom) sales prospects/enquiries and through its use, convert more prospects into sales. By providing greater lead transparency and tracking tools, sales consultants and their Managers’ have all benefited enormously.”

- Dealer Principal, Ferntree Gully Toyota


Industry shows that customers who purchase from your dealership have a 30% chance of returning and spending more money with you. That chance actually doubles if the customer had an issue that needed to be resolved, and the dealership resolved it to their satisfaction. Through the use of simple CRM software tools: eSurveys, phone surveys, complaint/resolution tracking and escalation routines - you can multiply your customer retention chances up to 60%.
With more transparency and a better control of the issues, your sales team has the tools needed with Pentana Solutions’ DealerSocket to resolve issues quickly, and ensure that something does actually get done. Through the CRM software’s automated business rules, you can have peace of mind that things in your dealership are getting done, and are followed through. A follow up of resolution to get an issue resolved can give your customer reassurance that they’ve found the right dealership for them, one where they feel cared for, and one of which they will want to return.’

Add On Modules for DealerSocket

DealerSocket Mobile Application

If sitting at a desk all day, entering or looking for customer detail after detail and not moving from your chair is a frustration then consider the DealerSocket Mobile Application. The features of the application allow you to take the core functionality of DealerSocket everywhere you go, that’s right, everywhere.

Facebook Audience Integration

Blackbird CRM informs Facebook campaigns through an automated data flow, uniting them with your boarder marketing strategies. This ensures ads run at optimal times during the sales process.


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