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This Dealer Management System (DMS) caters well for vehicle dealerships as well as specialised machinery, marine and agricultural retail showrooms. Really the solution is all about saving your showroom staff time on every quote or deal to ensure they can do more every month.

Efficiency & Straight Forward Deals

It’s all about bundling here, particularly in the marine dealership. In this instance a dealer’s end customer will, most often buy all components for their boat, hull, motor and trailer at the same time. DealerPRO is designed to let dealership sales staff works through one contract or deal, not three or more, making the dealer management system (DMS) a great sales aide, not a time sapping process.

DealerPRO by Pentana Solutions

Make Those Quotes Into Sales

We all understand the concept of low hanging fruit and customers with quotations in their hand are just that. DealerPRO’s showroom software will allow each consultant to design a predetermined contact schedule for each of their prospects. This keep prospecting down to a disciplines process of diarised phone calls, mail merges within the Dealer Management System and many other of today’s best sales techniques. This is effectively smarter marketing automation, or a personal assistant by design. Smart hey?

We think DealerPRO is a great product, but don’t take it from us, here are some words from James Cullen, owner of Stones Corner Marine and long-time user of DealerPRO.

When asked what he likes most about DealerPRO James tells us that it’s all about ‘the ease of maintaining data’. This is so important because of the small numbers of staff Marine dealerships often have. ‘Marine Dealerships are all small businesses, or at least have to be run like one’, says this Dealer Principal. James’s dealership is the 5th largest in Australia and he has ‘3 – 4’ in the running the showroom at most so ‘stock and parts entry just has to be easy’. It’s no joke ‘maintaining data and link models is the one biggest secret of DealerPRO’. Quite simply this product ‘lifts weight off our human resources’ which gives them time to do what they do best.

When asked to name another benefit James gains from using DealerPRO as his Dealer Management System (DMS) he moves quickly to stock books or what’s known in the industry as B.M.T (boat motor trailer). James tells us in any one deal the ‘Dealer Management System (DMS) your dealership chooses to use must be able to handle three or more manufacturers per sale that walks out the door’. Being that this is a luxury segment happy customers are of the utmost importance and ensuring ‘they can have every accessory right, down to the shade is big’. But in most dealerships the concern for a dealer principal is ‘how many of my sales staff know what the full sale is worth, a passenger vehicle might have a lot of options at 10, but a boat out of my dealership could be optioned with 70 odd individual additions.’ DealerPRO gives us the facility to handle this sort of complex sale with ease and this is what makes this Dealer Management System the right choice for my dealership.

Add On Modules for DealerPRO

SMSLink - DealerPRO

SMSLink is a fully integrated text messaging tool to enhance how you communicate with customers. Through this integration, there’s no longer a need to extract information to third party platforms to send a message.


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