Aust & NZ
5th Nov 2021

DealerPRO is a market specific Dealer Management System with built-in niche functionality for truck, agricultural, and construction dealers. Placing great emphasis on the day-to-day operations, DealerPRO focuses on enhancing business performance and efficiency so you can achieve the greatest return on investment.

With an extensive history of over 15 years topped with endless cutting-edge innovations, it is no surprise that over 200 dealers have chosen DealerPRO as their fully integrated sales, service, parts, and accounting system. More than anyone else, we understand that switching systems can be a daunting experience. This is why we at Pentana Solutions go the extra mile to ensure the whole process is as stress-free as possible.

D&S Truck Repairs

From initial inquiry to final implementation, we have been completely happy with the process throughout. It was handled with such professionalism and experience, making the whole process seem a lot less daunting than it could’ve been.

The team at Pentana took time to understand what we were expecting from a new DMS, who we were, what we do and how we operate. They spent over 2-hours running through not only their system, but also our present DMS in order to understand how we presently handled critical tasks which were unique to us. From their own acknowledgment, there were challenges in some of our requirements, but they were very confident they would be able to handle them. For example, majority of our stock are held on a consignment, which in itself was a very unique proposition to them. Nonetheless, once they understood how our system worked with our supplier, they were able to make changes in their system to accommodate these requirements.

They were able to present us with a DealerPRO package that was very well put together and the final presentation and pricing of system was something we were prepared to move forward with. Being a smaller business, the costs of this was not something we were going to jump into without doing our due diligence. Pentana were more than respectful of this and gave us the time to complete this process. This process was a drawn out one, taking over 12 months from initial consultation to agreeing to the deal. This just shows Pentana know the industry and proves their experience in how they handle customers is first rate.

During the build phase of the project Pentana were always in consultation with us making sure all aspects of the system were setup to meet our requirements. Despite COVID-19 restrictions which somewhat affected the installation process, we were still able to use video conferencing calls to ensure all staff were trained by the right personnel to be competent with the use of the system.

We must acknowledge the tremendous amount of work Bill Effern did while onsite. He always more than happy to do whatever he needed to do to get the job done. Even if this meant more work was required of him, he was prepared to give up his own time afterhours to do more work for us. Pentana need to understand what an asset they have in Bill. He is always just and phone call away and is always willing to help. We as a business cannot thank him enough!

Given all I have said, I would have no problem recommending Pentana and DealerPRO to anyone who is looking for a DMS for their business. It truly is a powerful system which I believe can handle any OEM. If you take the time to work with Pentana to get the most out of the system, you can’t go wrong.

Once again, thank you to all the team at Pentana Solutions for their assistance during this process. Should anyone feel the need, I would be always open to discussing this process with both Pentana staff or any potential customers.

Brad Sibio
General Manager

Roadrunner Truck and Trailer Parts

I am writing this letter as a testimonial following the recent installation of the DealerPRO dealer management software at our business, Roadrunner Truck and Trailer Parts.

I have just commenced my own business in Orange NSW as Penske parts dealer supporting the Western Star, MAN, Dennis Eagle and Detroit Diesel products. As a new business I needed a DMS system that was suitable with the ability to handle the projected growth while managing inventory, debtors, creditors and suppling all the necessary reporting functions.

The team at DealerPRO did a fantastic job given that I required the system to be fully operational within one month of the acceptance of their proposal. The DealerPRO team that did our install were fantastic to work with (especially Bill) who went that bit further and ensured a seamless start up in the very short timeframe given. The support by DealerPRO several months after the install is still first class and we have encountered no system issues.

One of the benefits of the DealerPRO DMS system is that it is hosted in the cloud and my staff can log in from home and it is very user friendly. I did not have to purchase any hardware and the system is supported by DealerPRO.

Brooke, you and your team supplied what I needed from a DMS software provider. You have provided a very effective DMS system that suits all our requirements. I am more than happy to recommend DealerPRO to any prospective customer who is looking to update their DMS system.

Nigel Smith