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Today’s evolving technology demands call for a new way car dealers sell vehicles. If sitting at a desk all day, entering or looking for customer detail after detail and not moving from your chair is a frustration then consider the DealerSocket Mobile Application. The features of the application allow you to take the core functionality of DealerSocket everywhere you go, that’s right, everywhere. Capture those prospect details the moment you hear a name and avoid the worn out path to the sales desk. Access their details at a convenient time when you know the prospect is likely to answer.

Using the DealerSocket Mobile Application, consumers notice an increase in customer activity and satisfaction. Your staff will have the ability to enter customer details, check inventory and visit their own dashboard right from their mobile device. Combine these features with the standard functionality of the calendar for example and you can pretty much move those large office desks out the door.

The benefits go on, and on. Ensure you’re staying on top the technology curve and use the DealerSocket Mobile Application.


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