Aust & NZ
23rd May 2016

As we all know, time is money. We know that every second wasted is money not coming into the business. Using this innovative solution, you can allocate every single second of your technician’s workable hours to the day ahead. Help your service department controller visualise the days ahead, reducing any gaps and better utilising all technician’s days as much as possible.

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When you sit down to ensure the week or day will be effective, the first thing many people do is allocate the hours, minutes and even seconds of when the work will begin. From there, the plan continues onto the finer details of what will be achieved into the allocated timeslot and the end picture on most occasions will be a success. A goal or milestone is achieved allowing the original task to be moved onto the next stage of the process .

This is where you need a valuable service department software program such as Workshop Control to plan and control the day. If you’re currently using a job allocation board with consistent stains from markers and pens then you’ll be blown away at the simplicity of Workshop Control. On your desktop computer or mobile device, such as a tablet, you can completely take control of how a customer’s car will pass through the repair process. Not a moment in the day will be lost and you can advise the customer of when the work on their car will be commencing along with the technicians name conducting the work.

The benefit is your workshop controller will no longer have their technician’s running back and forward asking what job is next or when certain jobs will be started.

Another great benefit of Workshop Control is the ability to assign multiple technicians to the one Repair Order and break down the time each technician will spend on the repair. Send the car through multiple workshop area’s and allocate the appropriate technician accordingly.

As we like to ensure we provide plenty of benefits to each of our innovations, we’ve included a monitoring mode providing complete transparency to anyone in the workshop. What’s the benefit of this? A technician can stay in their designated bay for the duration of the day, keeping them highly productive at all times.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Workshop Control is the technician allocation tool to maximise overall workshop efficiency. Through the use of Workshop Control, you’ll notice an increase in a number of cars you can service throughout a normal week, month and year.

With efficiency in mind, your workshop controller will finally have complete control at their fingertips for everything happening in the department. Based on our market research, there are many workshops with the opportunity to utilise time better with Workshop Control. If you believe you’re one of these workshops, complete the form below to re-gain control of service department efficiency.