Aust & NZ
15th Apr 2016

The current business environment provides countless technology options, mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones are more popular than ever before. As phone and tablet manufacturers compete for the greatest market share, or the best features or even appeal with a certain demographic, there’s a mobile device out there for everyone. It’s predicted that by 2020 on average there will be four internet-connected devices for every person in the world, according to research by Strategy Analytics. The best part about it is that applications and software have developed to a point where they’re incredibly user-friendly for almost any task at hand, albeit work or personal use. The result for Dealerships is very positive - technology opportunities have increased.

How does this trend transfer into the automotive industry from a dealership technology point of view?

Portability – Something which will have the biggest benefit to your dealership technology. A portable computer system will open up doors to new possibilities. In the showroom, a device can be taken onto the floor to show the different dealer accessories; the perfect assistant to the upsell. Some customers may not be ready to sit at the sales desk, so take the device to them and capture their details and ensure no opportunity is lost. Or even better, a portable device will assist you by taking photos for a trade appraisal and taking note of the location of any damage or necessary repairs. With the right software, you can also take your mobile device to your parts or service department. Staff training will be more enjoyable as you can take the device to the shelf to double or triple check the correct part is picked. Technology in the dealership can transform business.

Less Desk Space – Remove those big clunky desks taking up precious space on either the showroom floor or service department. With tablets allowing the same functionality as a desktop device, large desks can be traded in for smaller hot desks which each user can plug their device into a larger screen if need be. This will not only improve the appearance of the showroom floor but you’ll also gain space on the workshop bench as a tablet can be neatly mounted with a bracket to the wall, allowing clear visibility to all the status of the task at hand. With the correct dealership technology, the office environment may change a customer’s perception of your business.

A modern-touch. According to eMarketer*, by 2019 1.51 billion people worldwide will be using a tablet device as users switch away from the traditional desktop computer. With the significant improvement of software improving each year, all generations of people are finding the devices easier and easier to use. Not only do some devices allow you to increase the font size, offer great software for email and calendar integration, even local councils and small businesses are offering basic level training to help consumers adapt to the technology. Dealership technology has evolved to a point where being device agnostic is a power play for your business.

Don’t let your business fall behind and ensure your dealership technology allows you to compete in the competitive automotive market. Having the latest dealership technology can often be overlooked however by becoming device agnostic staff and customers will notice a positive change. Technology, in particular having the latest device is exciting for people and you may find staff would be more welcome to taking work home with them.

Think about the dealership technology that could transform your business.