Aust & NZ
23rd Jul 2014

The Australian new vehicle sales for the month of June has exceeded May’s result, with a total of 118,309 vehicles sold during the month. This bounce back comes as good news after new vehicle sales dropped and reached only 94,562 in May. With 37,575 new vehicles sold in New South Wales alone, the state was responsible for the highest sales volume, followed by Victoria (31,327), and Queensland (24,643).

VFACTS Sales Report 2014
VFACTS Sales Report 2014

In the past month, Toyota has fronted the small and medium vehicle segment. The best-selling car in the small car segment for the month of June was the Toyota Corolla, which reached a total of 4,648 sales. However, the current most popular small car option for the year is the Mazda 3, hitting 22,524 sales within the last six months. Again, Toyota proved to be the best-selling medium car, achieving 2,378 sales of their Toyota Camry last month. The Camry has also been the best-selling car in this segment for the year, currently reaching 10,118 sales.The Mazda CX- is the most popular option in the SUV car segment for both the month of June and the year, accumulating a total of 2,211 sales for the month, and overall 11,006 for the year.

Looking into the large car segment, the Holden Commodore is the clear leader, having made 3,156 sales within the last month and 16,355 for the year. Mitsubishi have sold 3,725 Mitsubishi Triton 4x4s in the last month, making this the most successful commercial vehicle for June, however, the Toyota Hilux 4x4 is still the best-selling commercial vehicle with 13,743 sales so far this year.

In relation to the top performing vehicle manufacturers, Toyota, Holden and Hyundai delivered the highest volume of vehicle sales during the June period.

Toyota is the best performing car manufacturer, having sold 20,808 cars last month and 101,105 during this year. The Toyota Corolla is most popular vehicle model reaching 4,648 sales in June and a total of 22,166 for the first six months of the year.

Holden followed behind with 12,332 vehicles sales for the month of June and 56,773 for the year. With 3,156 being sold last month and 16,335 this year, the Holden Commodore is the most popular vehicle model of choice.

Coming in third, Hyundai has sold 10,008 cars this month and 49,597 this year. Their most popular vehicle model, the Hyundai i30, has reached 3,243 sales for the month and a total of 15,692 for the year.

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