Aust & NZ
19th Oct 2015

There are many variables to weigh when searching for the best fit dealer management system (DMS) for your dealership(s): price, functionality, size, support, etc. Claims and promises are thrown around the industry at will and it can be hard to decipher exactly what you’ll get when going with one provider over another.

So acting on our 40 years of heritage, coupled with our vast industry knowledge, globally, we have developed a series of criteria which we believe that need to be met when sourcing a new DMS for your business.

DMS Tip #1

Increase Sales

First and foremost, a dealer management system (DMS) must be designed to increase sales. If the price you pay for managing your business through state of the art technology cannot lend you a hand in increasing profits – then it isn’t worth your time. Through intelligent workflows, start to finish processing, and efficient integration – dealer management systems should give you greater control, greater productivity, and a higher return at the end of the year.

DMS Tip #2

Operate in Real-time

Whether it’s in Showroom or Service, it’s critical that you are operating in real-time. Instantly recorded, accurate data can be the make or break between a sold vehicle or a missed opportunity; a short vehicle off-road duration or a costly part error. Having accurate data (uploaded to the minute) can not only dramatically reduce costs and errors, but it is proven to have an extensive effect on a dealership’s CSI as well.

DMS Tip #3

Streamline Dealership Departments

The key to increasing productivity and making your DMS work for you is integration. Top dealer management systems completely integrate every aspect of the dealership into one centralised system – removing the need for duplication of work. Working out of one centralised system not only streamlines the entire business, eliminates duplication, and prevents inaccuracy, but also allows the business to run in sync at all times. Through intuitive interfaces, what’s done in Showroom should instantly upload in Parts & Service, and vice versa. A fully integrated business benefits the entire team, with senior management able to holistically control and manage from the top, while employees are able to save time and efficiency in their day to day tasks.

DMS Tip #4

Inclusive Functionality

This one’s important, and unfortunately often times overlooked. It’s easy to be swayed out of functionality in return for cheaper pricing. However, in the long run, shortcuts never do a business any favours. Planning for the future – even the end of the year – means choosing a system that includes all of the functions you need to increase sales at the dealership. By buying a DMS that already includes extensive functionality – you’ll save yourself a lot of unforeseen costs in the long run. For instance, does the Showroom module include an integrated sales diary? Is real-time parts trading available between dealers? Are business intelligence reports included as a standard? Are the service appointments booked through your website instantly uploaded to the DMS? These are just a few of thousands of examples that should be given a closer look when searching for the best dealer management system fit.

DMS Tip #5

Third Party Integration

Last but not least, it’s important to find a provider that has the expertise and experience within the industry to be able to integrate with other top industry solutions. The ability to cater for additional needs outside of the dealer management system is crucial, and firmly plants the seed for any requirements your business may need in the future. Choosing a dealer management system that is open to 3rd party integration ensures that you never put yourself in a position of limited opportunity.

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