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15th Dec 2015

ERA – Service - How to adjust kilometres on a closed repair order


When the repair order was first raised for the vehicle, the incorrect kilometres have been entered, the RO has now been closed and unable to be adjusted. How would we correct this now?


This is usually caused by the user entering the incorrect kilometres on the repair order.


Go into executable 3090, select the required option to search for the customer.

Enter in the repair order number you are wanting to adjust the kilometres on, this will bring up the details on the repair order number entered.

You will be taken straight into the Operation Code portion of the repair order unless you are wanting to adjust these

Select E – Enter for the system to take you into the body portion of the RO Invoice.

At the next selection, select C for change, this will take you up to the RO Date field, hit enter and the prompt will move to the Dept field.

If you hit enter again the prompt will move over to the Mileage field where you will be able to adjust the kilometres as required.

Keep hitting enter until the cursor is back at the bottom of the screen, where you will then be able to select E – Enter and save the record away.

Please Note: This adjustment will not show against the closed Repair Order within the RO Closeout Screen.

This adjustment will be reflected on the RO history against the vehicle, and will also be pulled through on any new appointments or repair orders raised in the future.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the Pentana Solutions Customer Service Centre on +61 3 9535 2380.