Aust & NZ
13th Aug 2016

We don’t often make big statements like this but the focus on tyre sales in the Australasian market is for good reason. Each year in Australia, the consumer market spends over 5 billion dollars on tyres . Over the last five years, car sales have increased steadily further bolstering the need for replacement tyres as each vehicle enters its own tyre replacement cycle. The truth is, when we look at the top five grossing companies in this category none are automotive retailers!

Our recommendation in line with this trend is to hire a full-time Tyre Specialist.

Why Hire a Tyre Specialist in the Retail Dealership Space?

Our retail customers tell us that their own customers ‘just don’t see them as a tyre shop.’ So our retail dealership customers are missing out on the opportunity to increase incremental revenue from every customer. Hiring a Tyre Specialist will help keep all your service customers ‘in-house’ forcing hoist time and opening the conversation to book future work.

The best operators recruit a full-time tyre specialist and invite them into every service conversation. This could potentially return upwards of a 4:1 ROI if your Tyre Specialist is introduced at drop off time.

The investment in a Tyre Specialist is the best hire you’ll make this year – don’t delay, start realising those additional dollars!