Aust & NZ
21st Jan 2016

STOP wasting time…. talk to the right people, at the right time, about the right thing - the art of segmentation….

The ‘one size fits all’ approach might work when it comes to budget clothing chains or major fast food restaurants, but in the modern world of automotive marketing, it’s simply not good enough. Automotive customers demand a choice; they no longer want just “black”*.

Now more than ever, automotive retailers need to tailor their marketing messages closely to their customers’ individual requirements, based on an infinite number of variables.

We need to understand that the customer you’re trying to reach is unique. The car they drive, with its age, mileage, the colour, the size, the number of doors (the list is endless!), will be unique and if you have that information to hand the marketing message you deliver can be extremely targeted and relevant, to quote Sir Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is Power”.

The solution here is “segmentation”. By using the wealth of customer information stored within your DMS, you can quickly and easily build targeted segments to deliver a more personalised message to your customers.

We all know that there is no point in sending your service prospect details for an offer relating to Ford when they own a Volkswagen! But get it right and you have the best chance possible to impress your most valuable asset - your customer, winning their business and increasing revenue into your dealership.

The personal touch can be critical here too, and it is that can differentiate you from every other dealership in town. If your dealership interaction with customers helps them understand the name of the sales or service advisor they’ll be dealing with, it will help create those all-important personal touches that make us feel valued.

We simply cannot just rely on a single email or text message – go for the multi stage, multi-channel, (we are in 2016 so why not try being Omni-Channel) in your approach, including a personal follow-up phone call, your campaign will be far more effective.

If you do this correctly with a well thought out process with a scheduled ‘follow up’ integrated to staff diaries, your dealership will be reaping the rewards.

Finally, don’t forget segmentation can be used in all areas of your business: sales, after-sales and parts - the opportunities are truly endless.

*In reference to “Any customer can have a car painted any colour he wants so long as it is black.”-.Henry Ford (1923) Henry Ford - My life and work.