Aust & NZ
9th Sep 2015

The Automotive Industry needs to change…

A petition we are confident you will want to support!

Pentana Solutions has made an industry initiative to transform an outdated and old practice. We, along with the support of car dealerships throughout Australia and New Zealand, are petitioning to change from paper records to digital records for warranty repair orders.

All of the automotive dealers across Australia create in excess of 18 million pieces of paper annually from the warranty service book. Car-makers require dealers to store every piece of paper generated under each warranty claim for at least five years. In the event of an audit, a lost piece of paper can cost a horrendous amount of money, which can be a hefty price to pay for a human error of misplacing the hard copy of a document.

Since July, we have been rallying dealers together, forming a petition to the car makers for a switch to digital records. The Australian Tax Office has accepted and allowed the use of digital storage of documents. The scanning and digital storage of documents will save you time, money and storage costs and provide the same level of integrity as a physical paper record.

We have received a large amount of signatures and with your continued support, we believe we will eventually have enough to write to the chief executive of each manufacturer. We will advise them of the digital change we are trying to implement and show them of all the signatures that we have gathered from the dealers supporting the change. This will show that it’s not just our voice, however it’s the voice of the entire dealer body in the Australian and New Zealand market.

To support a change to the dealership agreement, enabling the below business to move to a paperless repair order (RO) method complete the following form: