Aust & NZ
16th Jan 2017

As the year is fresh and consumers are optimistic there’s no better time to ensure you have a database full of leads you can rely on. It’s well known in the sales world that your hottest leads are previous customers and if you’re looking to have more stability in your month-month revenue then have a look at your CRM strategy for the answer.

The various aspects of a CRM strategy can combine to ensure what where the quiet months of last year, don’t need to be the same this year. The first step is to have a CRM solution that is reliable and proven to lift you out of last year’s rut. The most important part of your database isn’t the base, it is the data. A successful car dealership must remain focused on its customers, now so more than ever. To create a customer friendly atmosphere, it’s these dealers who rely on their CRM to ensure the experience is personal.

The Important Functions!

Most types of CRM for automotive businesses serve as tools for gathering marketing information and maintaining contact lists. Automotive CRM software can assist further by building regular customer contact, provide service and parts options meaning more staff time to focus on other tasks. Additionally, CRM software can help you send regular updates to customers, encouraging regular use of your service and maintenance options.

The value a CRM brings to your business is the data which is stored in the database. This data is turned into a relationship, benefiting both your business and the customer.

“In 3 months, we closed 37 deals to customers marked as lost by our salespeople”, IT Manager, Ireland’s of Cairns Dealer Group.

Campaign Based Selling

Through an efficient sales and marketing campaign, selling more vehicles in the dealership will benefit your service department as well. A great automotive CRM will offer internet lead management, showroom tracking, telephone tracking and structured business rules empowering your staff to take advantage of every opportunity.

Create a campaign which targets customers seen as an opportunity, having met certain criteria and automatically assign them to an individual or a group of people to make contact – essentially compelling your staff to follow up.

Customer Satisfaction Selling

Industry shows that customers who purchase from your dealership have a 30% chance of returning and spending more money from you. How can you take advantage of this? A performance based automotive CRM will increase this percentage to 60% through the use of online survey’s, phone surveys, complaint resolution tracking and escalation routines.

With an increase of transparency and a better control of any issues you face, your sales team has the tools needed through the use of a CRM to resolve issues quickly and make a difference.

Using a CRM which is integrated into your DMS means all data can be accessed in real time and there won’t be a need to pass your information to a third party. Invest the future of your business into a CRM to enhance existing relationships and ensure new relationships are just as powerful.

Let DealerSocket assist!

A core benefit to a great CRM is the ability to attract customers who may not have come to your dealership. DealerSocket has the ability to manage your campaigns, customer loyalty strategy and ROI reporting meaning you can reduce your marketing expenses whilst still reaching the right customers, with the right message at the right time.

Allow one of our consultants to discuss further benefits of a proven CRM solution and how it can set your business up for the future: