Aust & NZ
28th Aug 2014

Planning for Success – they’re three simple words that each and every organisation grapples with month in month out. The challenge however is to plan and resource for today, twelve months from today, and then tackle your three and five year plan.

A presentation held recently by Fordham offered a little more insight on how those in the automotive and manufacturing industry do just this. Gordon New from Ronson Gears and Max Kirwan of Max Kirwan Mazda’s journeys over the last decade certainly left the room with some learnings.

Here are 9 most powerful take outs from the session:

• Be prepared to ask yourself, ‘what’s the big picture here?’
• Recognise weaknesses and put them on the table
• Don’t wait for it all to fall over. Grab the bull by the horns and own your weaknesses
• Get a third party without a vested interest to give you an honest opinion
• Have your managers share in the vision of business success overall
• Don’t have a talk fest, then go back to business as usual – carry the plan out
• Ensure your managers ‘own’ their performance at their departmental profit level
• Once engaged and unified, teams will deliver to much higher than average levels
• Commit to a regular planning program to stay ahead

Planning for Success - these three simple words were also the focus of this month’s Fordham Group focus session. Should you wish to seek an independent opinion about planning for your automotive dealership visit them at