Aust & NZ
27th Feb 2015

With 13 years’ experience in the Australian Automotive Industry ABit Consulting provides specialised solutions. ABit Consulting’s specialised solutions already integrate cleanly with Pentana Solutions flagship Dealer Management System, ERAnet. Currently, more than 70 dealership sites across Australia are using ERAnet with an ABit consulting product or service attached.

Why ABit Consulting

Pentana Solutions chooses to align with businesses who develop product and services to a six sigma level whilst maintaining focus on the end users business goals. The highly focused team at ABit Consulting does just this. Their rational as a small business is to stay ahead of competitors by providing exceptional customer service, consulting and products.

Reaching Out For Best Practice

ABIT Consulting has an in depth understanding of the challenges experienced by today’s automotive dealer. It is this understanding that gives them the ability to improve dealerships within the service and showroom departments with targeted consulting.

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