Aust & NZ
17th Oct 2014

“I don’t know how we managed our inventory before PartsEye…”

Pentana Solutions is excited to announce a new venture in the automotive parts inventory space. Pentana Solutions and SmartCo Services, the industry-leading parts inventory management company, have teamed up to deliver an integrated version of the optimal parts replenishment solution, PartsEye™. PartsEye is an inventory planning and management system that reduces inventory costs and improves overall ROI on parts. But that’s just the beginning.

PartsEye can be best described as another pair of hands for the parts manager in dealerships. The web based tool optimises inventory levels and suggests stock orders based on sales history, demand analysis, and a SmartCast forecasting tool. Optimising parts inventory levels allows dealers to maximise order fill at the lowest possible cost - saving money, time and frustration. In addition, PartsEye is a managed parts inventory service provided at no additional cost by SmartCo’s professional parts planners. Over 2,000 dealers in North America are using PartsEye to diminish lost sales, increase technician productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

PartsEye integrates with Pentana Solutions’ dealer management systems. There is a real-time data feed to provide an accurate forecast and inventory plan. By optimising inventory levels based on actual dealer demand, dealers see a dramatic drop in part returns and parts obsolescence. Dealers are able to plan for higher part number coverage without the danger of stock out. The best stock mix is provided without any research, maintenance or manual labour required.

If your dealership could use another pair of hands, please contact us to learn more.

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