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12th Sep 2022

Complimentary TOP GEAR Training!

Pentana Solutions’ consultants hold interactive webinar sessions for those wanting to learn more about their Pentana Solutions’ products & services. To maximize learning, all sessions will run for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Updates to the webinar schedule will be made regularly, so please visit this page and register at your earliest convenience for the webinars of your choice.

Our Top Gear webinars are presented by experts who will provide step-by-step approach to ensure our customers are able to get the most out of their Dealer Management System and other solutions.

Webinar Training 2022 Calendar

Presenter: Azele Lirio, Installation Team Leader

When: Thursday, 22 September, 1.00pm ICT | 2.00pm PHT

Topic: Bank Reconciliation

To provide more consistency and accuracy in financial accounts, DealerPRO Asia has a Bank Reconciliation Process that identifies differences between two sets of records. The Bank Reconciliation Process is useful in understanding findings from your Bank Statement/s and your Cashbook System Balances. In this session we will be covering:

  • Cashier End of Day Activities
  • DealerPRO Cashbook - Bank Reconciliation Process
  • Q&A - To address specific scenarios from Collections and Disbursements

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