Aust & NZ
28th Feb 2014

The New NOVA Release!

Pentana Solutions’ development team works hard to continuously improve its core products so your dealerships can always stay on top of market changes. We’re excited to bring you NOVA Version 11.1, and we’ve added 21 core enhancements to its functionality. In service you can now attach parts and sundry line items to labour jobs and perform requests for parts from within the RO screen. Parts departments are now able to use Supplier Part Numbers, translating the dealer’s part number to the supplier’s part number for pricing and ordering. In addition, we’ve added 2 optional enhancements including Op Code Importing for several franchises.

Better yet, Version 11.1 can be delivered via End of Day or Scheduled Task. (You should find this delivery much more convenient than any in the past.)

Here’s a sneak preview.

New with Service..

The service department can request parts through the RO screen; In response, the parts department can just allocate the requested parts. When importing job codes, service booking and service quotes, the attached parts now import on to the RO for the parts department to allocate. Parts and sundries can now be attached to jobs, aiding in job pricing and clarity of the RO printout. The New Vehicle Search screen has been completely changed and is now all on one screen.

New with Parts..

When selecting jobs, the short job description will appear to give you more assistance with your choice. Service can import their parts from their job code data. Supplier Part Numbers will be used in all orders, franchise extractions and price updates created for the part supplier. NOVA now identifies when a different part was shipped as opposed to what was ordered. When a part is added or has its “on-hand” quantity modified or a lost sale is recorded, NOVA will now write a parts ledger.

And others..

In vehicles, accounting and payroll, description fields have been increased to 900. An option to Vehicle Profile Maintenance has been provided so that the user is able to define specific, dedicated accounts for the steps within the process. Users now must have access granted to be able to delete purchase orders.

These are just a few enhancements we’re delivering. For a complete list of the new changes to NOVA Version 11.1,

please contact us here!