Aust & NZ
17th Jul 2015

Netresult Mobility is Pentana Solutions new, certified partner, through our integrated solutions we look forward to bringing the highest level of innovation to our customers. You can view the full list of Pentana Solutions Certified Partners by clicking here.

Netresult Mobility
Netresult Mobility

Netresult Mobility is a leading motor vehicle industry provider of smartphone and tablet vehicle inspection solutions to include - vehicle appraisal and inspection, vehicle stock take and wholesale finance floorplan auditing. Netresult Mobility proudly serves the dealer, action, fleet, insurance and finance sectors across Australian, New Zealand and the United Kingdom market.

Netresult Mobility has a customer tailored approach; it offers pre-configured options to assist customers get started, customers can choose to modify each workflow process or build new processes as required building on their system.

AutoCheck Dealer Solution is the number one mobile solution for dealerships and dealer groups. This application is a configurable platform allowing dealers to standardise all inspection processes from appraisals to intake inspections. Furthermore, AutoCheck Dealer provides visibility across the dealership or dealer group of all vehicles being inspected and not just the vehicles in stock.

AutoCheck standard processes include - Vehicle appraisal, vehicle intake inspection, test drive and loan car release and return. Other key features are – Vehicle damage tracking, Apple and Android platform supported, appointment management features, email and Txt integration, integrated GPS features, integrated camera and video and not just passenger vehicles.