Aust & NZ
29th Nov 2015

At times, it can be quite hard to know exactly what jobs your technicians or mechanics will be working on next week, or even tomorrow. After receiving another service booking request, and your scheduling system is not showing workshop availability for another two weeks, are you really busy, or is there more availability than you think?

An important requirement to effectively manage your service centre is being able to allocate each technician’s time in a high level of detail. To know which days are completely booked, before advising a customer to wait until next week for an appointment is a necessity. Our innovative service centre software solution is designed for those who want complete control and like to run a tight ship. Allow us to introduce you to Pentana Solutions Service Scheduler.

Service Scheduler Overview Screen (click to enlarge)

You may already know, however, the easiest way to watch money disappear through your fingertips is in your service department. Your service department is an area of your business which if managed correctly has the potential to provide you with a considerable amount of profit. If you’re not using a specialised service centre software solution then how do you know exactly what is happening during business hours in your workshop? With Service Scheduler, you can allocate and provide your technicians with a tight schedule for any day, maximising their time to ensure there’s no opportunity for lost revenue through workshop downtime.

Don’t let your technicians under perform and work on non-financial driven tasks due to a lack of customer jobs. Maximise workshop resources by using our service centre software solution, it allows you to allocate a technician’s time right down to the exact minute as it provides you a top level view of your technician’s schedule. From the technician schedule monitor overview screen, you’ll see a full rundown of any technician’s workload so you can see when cars will be coming in and out.

Service Scheduler Monitor Screen (click to enlarge)

An advanced feature of Service Scheduler, our innovative service centre software solution, is the ability to allocate two technicians on the one job. This feature is suitable when an appointment may require tasks done by individual departments within your workshop i.e one technician for the service and the other for the wheel alignment.

If you effectively manage your technicians using the Service Scheduler, it won’t just be a number of vehicles you service in a day increase. You may notice larger smiles on the face of your customers, they’re going to be happy about you having appointment availability sooner than other workshops. Your customers will also notice you being able to provide them with accurate drop-off and pick-up times, as you’ve already allocated the technician for a certain time so there’s no need to have the customer’s car on site for extended periods. If repeat business is important to you, or you want to maximise resources and improve your customer service satisfaction, use an innovative service centre software solution such as Pentana Solutions Service Scheduler to get their car back on the road quicker than others could.

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