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6th May 2014

Jaguar Land Rover Australia Signs to PareX
Jaguar Land Rover Australia Signs to PareX

Following in JLR UK and JLR USA’s footsteps - JLR Australia has now signed their 65 national dealers to PareX. With the 65 Australian dealers now on board with PareX, the number of licensed dealers in the JLR network using PareX has risen to 1200 around the world - giving JLR a competitive advantage and significant boost in the parts revenue department. By using PareX, Pentana Solutions’ online parts warehouse, Jaguar Land Rover is allowed unmatched access to obsolete part sales opportunities and increased availability of hard to source automotive parts and accessories.

Like any franchise, there are times when specific parts are temporarily on backorder from the Manufacturer, but available in the network stock. The PareX service now enables dealers to locate and transact this stock, potentially reducing courtesy vehicle costs and improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, PareX provides dealers with a channel to move redundant, slow-moving inventory at pre-determined terms to another dealer in the JLR network that has a requirement for the product. Working together to create a more seamless, less costly parts replacement process for every party involved.

Pentana Solutions’ online parts warehouse connects over 64 million parts with dealers in over 50 countries - finding the right buyer/seller in the shortest amount of time, ultimately putting money in your pocket faster and easier. It has been proven in PareX’s history that it can be quicker and cheaper to source a part from an obscure warehouse in a country across the world, than wait for a part to be back ordered. Without even requiring trading agreements among dealerships, with PareX you’re able to source the part you need immediately from anywhere.

By reviewing an analysis of your stock, gaining real time access to dealership statistics, automatically uploading stock files daily and ending with easy payments through PayPal, PareX essentially does the hard work for you, allowing you to capitalise on your entire parts department today.

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