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22nd Jun 2015

2015 is an exhilarating year for us at Pentana Solutions, please forgive us if our excitement is just a little intoxicating, but it is hard to contain our excitement. It is a phenomenal feeling to have a calendar full of appointments from dealers who attended our Power Summit event, discussing their opportunities with Pentana Solutions products and services.

Working endeavours.

At Pentana Solutions, we’ve gained the reputation as a dynamic company and have become an employer of choice, attracting the highest calibre of engineers and developers. Our employment processes screen the best talent that is capable of improving the performance of the company’s suite of software solutions and can create new business opportunities. Our innovations team expand across Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Philippines and Thailand.

We recognise customers benefit from our investment in technological innovations and employee development. Through our people commitment, team members can skilfully consult with thousands of dealer principals and service managers to assist with showroom and service department matters. We ensure our team is current and up-to-date with the market and technological trends by providing continuous personal and professional development opportunities as part of our mission statement through our People Promise Commitment.

2014-2015 was no exception; our $15.4 million investment in R&D allowed us to make product enhancements, introduced new features and developed innovations across retail, distribution and non-automotive. On average, our global innovations team worked on over 50 projects per quarter. A huge achievement.

What do we have to show for our hard work and how do our innovations benefit dealers?

It has been a busy, but rewarding period, Sean Brown Pentana Solutions Chief Innovations Officer commented on the team’s twelve months trajectory.

“It has been an amazing year in the business and especially for the innovations department. The team focuses on delivering world class and mission-critical features and functions across all our solutions. It is a true testament to our innovation culture and spirit that we continue to transform the industry, striving to be the best in our market and deliver solutions for our customer that drive their business.”

Sean Brown Pentana Solutions CIO
Sean Brown Pentana Solutions CIO

Some of the retail products we’ve developed include Handle, Online Service Bookings and Advance Deal Reporting. We developed Handle, in response to the rapidly growing trend at dealerships to increase parts profitability by selling unused parts online. Selling parts online is a very manual, time-consuming process that leaves room for error, manual invoicing, inventory mix-up and monotonous keying into the Dealer Management System. But with Handle dealers can now dump inventory onto the web for public consumption, it is an integrating tool that seamlessly connects dealerships to multiple websites.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers, we’ve developed the Five-Star-Hub and for the distribution market we’ve introduced Modular Distribution Solution (MDS). Other launches include Electronic Dealer Management Archive and Payables and a new version of PareX. PareX is an optional module of MDS, it is a virtual parts warehouse, through the integration of Parex, dealers and manufacturers have the ability to search for parts across the dealer network. Parex operates in over 50 countries and is enabling over 6,300 dealers, to reduce obsolete stock, number of back orders whilst improving customer satisfaction.

There are just too many innovations and benefits to list in this post; our innovations team has delivered solutions for manufacturers, distributors and dealerships meeting real world business needs. Like Thomas Jefferson, we are great believers in luck, we know the harder we work the more luck we will have.

Moving Forward

Our senior team will continue making an exciting and vibrant future for our customers through innovative solutions. We are delighted to add cutting edge products to our rich innovation history; we are proud of our company culture based on strong values and are honoured to work with great people.

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”. – Babe Ruth

We are determined to provide you with a true one-stop-shop to meet all your information technology requirements while incorporating the highest levels of customer care with genuine customer focused solutions. In the coming months, we will continue to improve our products and go live with some of the innovations we launched at our Power Summit event. Keep posted on by following company news on this blog or LinkedIn company page.

To learn how our latest innovations are benefiting industry, please follow the links below or contact us by clicking on this link.

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