Aust & NZ
4th Sep 2015

You need an online presence, which will then increase your online revenue. Handle does exactly that.

Facts, Facts, Facts.

Did you know that eBay attracts 7.3 million unique visitors on average per month? Also, every four seconds a car part and accessory item is sold on eBay and 83% of these parts and accessories are new items. Now that it is quite clear where you should be selling your parts, what if I was to tell you there’s an automotive software program with a secure portal to manage all of your online orders and it’s acknowledged by eBay as an “eBay Compatible Application”. Welcome to our automotive software program, Handle.

Our automotive software program Handle will makes things easier.

We provide you with an easy to manage back end showing all online committed orders with the ability to drill down into specific detail on any order. You’re in complete control of your site allowing you to add new seller ID’s, new users and manage all the small details. You’ll no longer need to go through a multi-step process with an increase in the chance of human errors ever again. Our automotive software program Handle reduces these risks and streamlines the process. No longer do you need to spend countless hours doing lots of small administrative tasks like keying of part numbers, address details for shipping as Handle loads all this information for you.

The benefits.

By having a more efficient warehouse and an enhanced reputation, watch as your customer service improves. You’ll also notice an increase in sales revenue through the sales of parts and potential fitting of parts and the opportunity to upsell of servicing. With our automotive software program, you have an improved customer service department, in addition to the increase in sales through better efficiency making the bottom line much easier to achieve which is you’ll increase profit.

If you’re still not convinced on how Handle can increase the profitability of your spare parts department, contact us now and let one of our team explain the further benefits.