Aust & NZ
30th Jun 2023

From the 21st to the 23rd of June, Pentana Solutions hosted its highly anticipated Hackathon; a competition designed to bring people with various technical backgrounds together for problem-solving and developing new ideas.

The Hackathon 2023 at Pentana Solutions was more than just a competition. It was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. The two-day event brought together a diverse group of talented individuals from across the business to share their expertise, and collaborate to find innovative solutions to complex problems. Ten teams, from Australia, Europe, and Asia, were assembled and embark on a journey that would push the boundaries of innovation and problem solving.

The overarching objective of each Hackathon team was to conceive forward-thinking concepts that could potentially yield substantial improvements to both internal operations and customer experiences.

Day One of the event kicked off with a burst of energy as the teams gathered for an intense brainstorming session. Collaboration was the driving force of the event, with everyone working side by side, blending their expertise and providing their own special touch to the solutions. But with day two’s trade show on the horizon, teams wasted no time as they kicked into action to begin crafting prototypes and presentations for their concepts, in hopes of winning
over their colleagues’ votes and impressing the judges. It was a race against the clock!

As the second day approached, sense of anticipation and excitement was in the air. The Melbourne head offices at Pentana Solutions were magically transformed into a vibrant trade show, where teams showcased their brilliant creations.

Pentana head offices transform into a vibrant tradeshow
Pentana head offices transform into a vibrant tradeshow

Each team meticulously set up their booths, complete with eye-catching displays and interactive demos ranging all the way from Lego props to life-like ai generated product presentation videos. Visitors eagerly explored the exhibits, curiously exploring the offerings of each team and marveling at the ingenuity and dedication poured into each project. The energy was infectious, fostering an environment of encouragement and support.

Teams went the extra mile to create eye catching displays
Teams went the extra mile to create eye catching displays

After an intense day of presentations and lively discussions amongst the trade show attendees, the votes were cast. The teams along with the entire business all gathered together for a celebration of their intensive two day efforts and a final awards ceremony to announce the winner.

After long deliberations, judges had the challenging task of selecting the winner. Amongst the impressive ideas, one concept shone brightly: the AI-enabled Customer Service Guru from Abhishek Karnati, Jenny Muyoma,
Sreeju Sreekumar and Sreevisakh Varmayil of team HiFY.

Champions: Team HiFY
Champions: Team HiFY

But the celebrations didn’t stop there! As another AI solution took out 2nd place by team AI for CSC Department as they delivered a solution that propelled them to greatness and a well-deserved second place, Hack– A – Power taking a well-deserved third place by proposing automating the basic set up of primary services.

ANZ People’s Choice award based on votes from their colleges went team The Misfits. As they captured the essence of creativity with their ground-breaking approach of integrating two pieces of software to better guarantee that user and organization’s data is only entered once and done correctly. Asia and Europe People’s choice award went team inteGreations as they captivated the audience with their idea of an transformative link between two services to create an all-in-one knowledge portal that revolutionises Pentana’s existing processes and tools, ensuring immediate, convenient, and readily available resources.

As we bid farewell to this memorable Hackathon, the winners bask in their triumph, and all participants return to their roles armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration. The ripple effects of this event will continue to be felt throughout the organisation, driving Pentana Solutions towards an even more innovative and brighter future.