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9th Dec 2015

Four easy steps to stay in touch with your customers over the festive season!

As the festive season rolls in, it can be a challenging time for dealership service departments. It’s now time to start thinking of ways to keep your service customers flowing into the dealership and finish the year on a high. Pentana Solutions’ CRM Contact Centre is here to help with the following four steps.

1. Reach your customers before the season starts

During December, booking service appointments is not usually a priority amidst the festive season. However, Pentana Solutions’ CRM Contact Centre team are experts in contacting customers via a phone call on your behalf, to remind them to book in early for their service appointments before they head out on the road this festive season. With a family-packed car, it’s more important than ever not to put off service appointments until the New Year, and we stress this importance to your customers. Pentana Solutions’ professional call centre employees encourage customers to come in before things get hectic. Even better, we book the service appointments straight into your DMS. All you have to do is show up to work and service more cars than you would have otherwise.

2. Show your customers that you care

Everyone remembers how a service or experience made them feel. Leave a warm feeling with your customers this holiday season by sending a simple SMS wishing them a season’s greetings message. It’s such a simple gesture however, one that leaves a lasting impression. Everyone appreciates a simple “one step further” gesture and people are quick to return to a business that went above and beyond. Sending a quick SMS via our SMSLink product not only humanises the business-to-customer relationship but sending a personal message also shows your customers that you’re there for them in the long run.

3. Advertise your festive season specials

Everyone loves to go shopping around the festive season, making it the prime time to advertise your dealership to customers. You can make sure your dealership is on the list of “must-sees” by letting Pentana Solutions’ CRM Contact Centre advertise your festive specials. Pentana Solutions’ CRM Contact Centre can contact your customers via targeted emails, letters, SMS’s or even create brochures that advertise your specials. Outsourcing promotional activities to the CRM Contact Centre allows you to go about business as usual whilst enjoying an influx of new customers.

4. Fresh start, New Year

Last but not least, remind your customers to start the New Year off right with a clean slate. For those that are unable to service their cars before the festive season, New Year’s resolutions it’s a perfect time to capitalise on your customers desire to became more organised and have their car booked in for service. Our statistics say that there is a much higher confirmation response when customers are contacted in early January if they didn’t service their car in December.

Be top of mind this festive season. Pentana Solutions’ CRM Contact Centre has a range of services and products available for your dealership. We can do all the work for you, by contacting your customers and booking appointments directly into your dealer management system.

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