Aust & NZ
10th Apr 2014

Leaders in the Automotive Industry believe there are seven habits of highly profitable dealerships. Earlier this year, NADA spokes people, Chris Bavis and Les Abrams, suggested the number one way in which dealerships can become more profitable is process. This was specifically defined as ‘step by step procedures to be followed by dealership employees to produce defined results’. Furthermore, step seven was outlined by these automotive industry experts as ‘embracing technology’. At a strategic level we all agree with this and Australian dealers are ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing technology - but how do we bring the circle together?

Question: How can your dealership take a step towards being profit driven?
Answer: Take a closer look at your service department.

Service Advisors are often overlooked as a sales resource within dealership businesses but there is a ‘process’ based in a current ‘technology’ that can help. The help is service operation codes, as using this tool is an effective way to upsell in a targeted fashion to each and every customer. If you’re a Pentana Solution customer, Service Operation Codes are available across 31 different makes. The most recent addition to this group is Fiat, so if you’re an ERAnet or DealerPRO customer in Australia, contact us today to use this technology to transform your dealership.