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18th Feb 2014

Autotorino Boosts Success with Pentana Solutions

In 2012, renowned Italian Dealer Group, Autotorino, started using Pentana Solutions’ Dealer Management System, DealerPRO. Just one year later, Autotorino went on to win the “Prize for Management Innovation” at the European Automotive Dealer Day in 2013. An exceptionally impressive feat for any company in this post-recession economy. In no coincidence, Autotorino openly stated that it is their partnership with Pentana Solutions, the implementation of DealerPRO and DealerPRO Business Intelligence, which have made this achievement possible.

Autotorino’s story began back in 1965 as a small, family-owned Italian business. Since then, Autotorino has spread its roots across the European market as a multi-brand, multi-location Dealer Group selling 11 different franchises from 11 locations. Managing over 250 employees and selling over10,000 vehicles - one can only admire their success and perseverance in today’s European market.

However, even the strongest businesses have been hurt from the latest economic crisis. What makes Autotorino the exception is the boost they gave their company in 2012 implementing Pentana Solutions’ Dealer Management System, DealerPRO. In a statement from Autotorino they’ve exclaimed, “What automotive industry crisis? We sell more than ever before. Our secret…our attention to our customers. Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO has enabled us to keep the situation of our whole Group under sharp control in real-time.”

In just one year since implementing Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO, Autotorino increased the total number of vehicles sold by 26%. Employee salaries were able to go up by 11% and redundancies were avoided at a time in the industry when they wouldn’t have been unexpected. Instead of terminations, employees at Autotorino are more informed and more professional than ever with the insights into their business they have been given by Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO.

What makes Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO so different? How can the Dealer Group run even more successfully than before?

In Autotorino’s own words, “In 2012 we began our ongoing innovation process with DealerPRO – a business development and intelligence system which tells us in real-time exactly how we are performing.” With real-time data, DealerPRO is able to streamline Autotorino’s 11 locations into one manageable, clear system. The Enterprise Relationship Manager connects all information for customers, prospects, employees and business partners together, providing a 360 degree insight into the business as a whole. With a clear view of what is going on with each customer, they are able to quickly respond to customers’ requirements, keeping them happy and satisfied.

In detail, Pentana Solutions’ DealerPRO informs Autotorino in real-time exactly how many negotiations and contracts they’re managing - at each location, for every sales person. The Group’s sales team is supported with mobile sales tools to better deal with negotiations - improving profit margins. During negotiations, trade-in vehicle values are clearly understood, supported by an analysis on “rotation times” of used stock. A clear snapshot into a user-friendly, intuitive, integrated dealer management system can make all the difference in the world. Faster turnover of the entire dealership and improved margins of 7% on used car sales have been achieved in just one year. On top of that, parts sales were up 5% to over $10 million and service hours sold increased to over 82,000 for the Dealer Group.

And the success story won’t end with the current numbers or their prestigious award. Autotorino will continue to defy the odds in the automotive industry and Pentana Solutions looks forward to being a part of their continued success. Anything is possible. For your own success story, please ask us questions here.

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