Aust & NZ
12th Aug 2014

It is widely known that Pentana Solutions deals heavily in the automotive retail space. However, fewer people know that Pentana Solutions actually streamlines every part of the automotive cycle – including the distribution space.

Pentana Solutions’ distribution software is used by leading businesses across the globe. The intuitive, integrated distribution software meets the needs of the largest automotive groups including Inchcape and Penske Automotive just to name a few. And while many companies across the globe choose to utilise Pentana Solutions’ entire distribution system in totality: vehicles, spare parts, accounting, warranty, and business intelligence – others choose to just use one or another on its own.

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Need warranty claims completed faster and simpler?

Enterprise Warranty, of Pentana Solutions’ distribution software, is the most widely used stand-alone module. As an integral piece of the automotive cycle - for the dealer, manufacturer and distributor - Enterprise Warranty simplifies and speeds up the entire warranty claims process. Enterprise Warranty software takes away manual processing, automatically verifies pricing ahead of time, and allows the distributor and the dealer to operate within the same interface. The benefits to not only the distributor but also the manufacturer and dealer are revolutionary, and we’ve tried to sum up a few of the key reasons here.

Automatic Verification

Enterprise Warranty is smart enough to automatically forward the appropriate cost to the appropriate party - automatically adjudicating claims and sending off to appropriate work flow. Our software takes away the manual check process by verifying all of the correct details for you automatically. However, you can still maintain the ability to set alerts for manual checks as well for certain dealerships or claims, where required.


The rules based system allows the distributor to set alerts for recall campaigns, unit checks, suspected fraudulent activity and more. The software can disallow labour for over the counter parts warranty, control at what distance a part is no longer covered by warranty, and determine the conditions under which parts need returning. The rules based system is configured to your needs - satisfying the government, customers and your bottom line.


Require dealerships to request prior authorisation - and even better, give them the tools to do so themselves. Dealers are able to log onto the distribution system and request approval with pictures and documentation ahead of time. Through operation codes, the system will already know how long labour should take - verifying the costs, predefined hours etc. for the quickest return.

Cater for Complexities

Set up rules to cater for different labour rates and part rates, for different dealers. Know immediately what each part costs for each different dealer - saving confusion and lengthy processing times. Even further, manage the various periods of warranty for different parts - catering for region, sales exceptions, goodwill etc.

Comprehensive Detail

Our comprehensive unit and parts database is a pivotal part of making the system work so fluidly. The behind- the-scenes database makes it easy to validate the part number, know what the factory will pay for and what it won’t, manage cost recovery, break down costs and know automatically who is responsible for each cost. Data between all three parties is automated, integrated and updated in real-time, bringing a level of control, transparency and flexibility to warranty claims like never before.

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