Aust & NZ
29th Oct 2015

If you have a Ferrari drive it the way it was designed to be driven.

One of the most frustrating things I see around the world is businesses underutilising the software tools they have available.

Businesses make a huge effort to review pieces of software; they compare supplier solutions during in depth demonstrations and line up each offer feature for feature to find which solution is best. However many make the mistake of spending too little time, post decision, planning how to effectively utilise their chosen software tool.

Often the decision to choose one software tool over another is based on which has the most features and the greatest depth, however post implementation many of these value adding elements are not used. We should all question this; as additional features generate more sales,

reduce costs and create efficiencies. Therefore it is a puzzling question why businesses do not dedicate more time to implementing one new feature every month. If it was a recurring item on every management teams’ monthly agenda, to identify the one additional feature that will be used every business would be better off. I challenge each business to adopt this simple focus and enjoy the returns each little change will make.

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