Aust & NZ
2nd Aug 2016

Once you have recognised and rewarded your staff, particularly at the end of a financial year cycle, setting the vision needs to be the priority.

Aligned with the balance scorecard approach, the most exciting thing you as a leader can do is facilitate a session about the future of your business.

Get out of the day-to-day and start dreaming. Don’t be afraid of being supported by the use of an outside facilitator to take you through this journey. Doing the numbers is the easy part and it’s what the accounting team should be focused on. Your ability and power as the leader is to facilitate the conversation outside of the numbers, it’s from there you can watch the magic happen.

Help your team think bigger by increasing the current status quo. Consider looking at what other businesses are doing, ensure that your strategy setting is both short term and forward at least 5 years. It is awesome, inspiring and amazing what your business can do when you look 5 years ahead with no constraints, removing the lens full of numbers and listening to your Executive team.

Think big about where you could be.

Until next time,

Steve Kloss.

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