Aust & NZ
6th May 2016

I have previously talked to you all about how important the concept of a huddle can be. Recently, I have been exposed to a slightly different format for the huddle.

Everybody hates those weekly meetings we go to that are the ‘same old, same old’, same format and the same people say the same things. The outcome can almost be predicted before the floor opens.

How about changing it up and using the following format. Ask the following 3 questions:

1. What did you learn this week?

2. What was the one key result you achieved this week?

3. What is the one roadblock you have?

This is a really interesting way to keep the meeting sharp and crisp. Meaning, there are no great speeches given. Behind the scenes, after you have run this format several times, people begin to think of their weekly activities about what they are going to say at the next meeting. It is fresh, engaging, and it keeps your huddle powerful. Without change, there will be no challenge.

If the above doesn’t resonate with you, maybe connect to the following YouTube clip about how a very successful franchise company runs their huddle.

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