Aust & NZ
6th Apr 2016

How do some businesses engage their employees in being part of the company’s brand, versus being loyal to just a business unit? It’s intriguing to see some businesses grow such loyalty and identification with their brand that it becomes the dominant driver in the company. In contrast, some organisations’ employees only engage or connect with their immediate team, their division, or their business unit. I pose the question, why is it that some people work for Apple, Virgin or Google and other people work for a division of something bigger?

Cognitive psychologists followed this theory as well, summarising by saying ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. This theory rings true in design, management and community.

At Pentana Solutions we are committed to the ‘who and what’ Pentana Solutions stands for – a global innovation leader transforming industry. It is challenging in global organisations to ensure that people look beyond their neighbourhood or community, and see their role within the bigger picture. Those that comment on why something ‘is not relevant to me and therefore not important to me’, need to be educated and directed back to the bigger picture of what the brand stands for as opposed to what their neighbourhood stands for.

I challenge you all to question whether your team is a part of the something bigger, or only a part of the neighbourhood that they operate in day to day.

- Steve Kloss.