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Worldwide Asset Control At Your Fingertips

Software updates often include critical security patches that should not be ignored. While it is simple enough to ensure a single software on a single device is up-to-date, doing the same for every piece of software on every internet-connected device in an organisation can be a real challenge.

Pentana Update as a Service (UaaS) automates this mundane but vital chore by giving dealers a top-down view of each registered device’s status, allowing dealers to take the first easy but vital step in protecting their business from cyberattacks.

With each cybersecurity breach costing businesses in excess of $268,000, Pentana UaaS is a simple and low cost add-on that could protect your business against a potentially sizable loss.

Some benefits and features of Pentana UaaS include:

  • Improved Efficiency: Monitor the status of each device from one easy system
  • Enhanced Security: Strengthen your network with the latest security patches
  • Easy Setup: Can be added to existing systems with minimal to no disruptions
  • Cost Effective: Low initial outlay to protect against high losses
  • On-demand Scalability: Scale resources according to your business needs, from one application to many


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