Aust & NZ
7th Nov 2014

We know how important safety recalls are to OEMs, dealerships, and end customers alike which is why we’re here to help.

Quick service appointments are key during safety recall campaigns however, the unexpected workload of phoning customers can have ill effects on an already full dealership service schedule. It’s critical situations like these that caused Pentana Solutions to introduce the CRM Contact Centre 12 years ago.

Our in-house CRM Contact Centre can book service appointments on your behalf directly into most Pentana Solutions’ dealer management systems. Our CRM contact centre employees currently represent over 80 dealerships in Australia and are well trained and experienced specifically in the automotive customer service space.

How does it help you?

By using the call centre to make sure every vehicle is brought in during safety recalls, you can gain control of the situation quickly and appease your OEM, service staff, and end customers simultaneously.

Read more about the CRM Contact Centre here or contact us here to get a handle on your safety recalls straight away.