Aust & NZ
24th Aug 2023

Our customer’s perspectives has always played an integral role in driving our business forwards and our commitment to understanding and fulfilling our customer’s needs remains stronger than ever. That’s precisely what the Torque Decision Maker Survey is all about. With the first round in March receiving resounding success were we received an impressive 90% participation rate from our customers, demonstrating their keen interest in sharing their valuable insights. 83% of our surveyed customers expressed their willingness to recommend us to others and 92% of respondents acknowledged our innovative spirit and found Pentana Solutions to be an innovative company.

Over the last few months, our main focus has been translating our customers feedback and insights into concrete enhancements and improvement, here is a look at what we have done so far

1. Increasing our Customer Service Centre response times

  • Accelerating the average time taken to resolve incidents by 9%.

2. Targeted training for our level 1 support agents

  • With more than 500 hours of training per month given to our Level 1 Agents, our first call resolution have increased by more than 6%.

3. Increased cross training of our fields consultants

  • Our upskilling program was implemented and we have delivered over 6,500 hours of cross training to our field consultants.

4. Streamlined our monitoring systems to capture typical failures that potentially would have resulted in outages for our customers.

  • Over the last twelve months, we observed 22% reduction in potential downtime through our proactive monitoring systems.

5. Delivering more digital self-education content

  • Over 9,000 courses completed on PentanaEDGE by our end-users.
  • Ran Pentana Live (formerly Top Gear Live) delivering over 2 days of education with over 800+ hours of video content consumed by over 1,000 people.
  • Added 160 documents to self-serve portals.

As we aim to ensure we survey our entire customer base and all appropriate decision makers, we have separated the survey into two distinct groups and conduct surveys in March and September. We are thrilled to announce that the second cohort of decision makers are set to be surveyed in our second round of Torque Decision Maker Surveys launching on September 1.

We greatly apricate the feedback from our customers and keenly await new insights we are set to gain from our September Surveys. Stay tuned in the upcoming months for when we begin to share our findings from this round of the Torque Decision Maker Survey!