Aust & NZ
23rd Aug 2020

Pentana Solutions offers its world-class warranty system as a stand alone system. Why? We know in many scenarios, an extensive distribution management tool isn’t always required. That’s why companies are taking advantage of the fact that Pentana Solutions’ warranty software can be implemented on its own, and fully integrated into existing systems. Is your warranty claim functionality lacking? Inaccurate data, time-consuming manual adjudication, too much time spent re-keying, and slow turn around with payments? That’s where we can help.

Pentana Solutions’ warranty claim software is rules-based, completely customisable and fully integrated. It allows real-time feedback between the Dealer, Distributor, and OEM at all times.

We’ve detailed a list of the most commonly asked questions surrounding our warranty system below. If you have further questions, speak to our sales expert here.

Why is a rules-based warranty system so important?

A rules based system gives distributors full control over the entire warranty claim process. By completely customising each solution, we allow Manufacturers and Distributors to cater for the different requirements of each brand out of the box. Due to the rules-based nature, manufacturers and distributors can set prior authorisation rules for separate dealers including:

  • Set up unit check alerts and recall campaign warnings
  • Free and capped price servicing and service contracts
  • Control at what distance a part is no longer covered by warranty, and under which conditions a part needs returning

These are only a few of thousands of criteria that can be manipulated to fit your needs. With user defined rules, you’re able to comply with manufacturers, suppliers, and local requirements at all times.

This rules-based system can also help control the ever growing Service Contact Management, which can boost sales revenue, improve customer retention and efficiently manage dealer reimbursement for after-sales business.

How are payments made quicker?

Our warranty software is smart enough to automatically forward costs to the appropriate party - dealer, distributor, manufacturer, or supplier - through pre-defined setups. Factory requirements are supplied straight to Dealers in real-time which means accurate, detailed warranty claims can be processed in minutes. Online adjudication of the claims saves time, provides instant authorisation, and ensures quick payment. In addition, 100% of reimbursement from suppliers is maintained through accurate application of supplier rules.

What does real-time feedback for Dealers mean?

Dealers and distributors both work off of the same system - meaning the Dealer is able to login to the same screen as the distributor and log a warranty claim themselves. Dealership staff can see all requirements of the claim ahead of time including cost, labour expectation etc. and order spare parts online. For added verification, dealers are able to attach pictures and documentation along with their claims. No more time is wasted by talking on the phone between parties as it’s all done online, and updated in real-time.

What do you mean by automated adjudication?

Our warranty software eliminates manual checks by adjudicating claims online and setting standards ahead of time. Through operation codes, the system will already know how long labour should take, how much the part will cost, and who’s responsible. By meeting the standards set by the factory and distributor, claims can be approved instantly. Our software takes away 95% of manual checks by verifying all of the correct details for you - in line with factory requirements; however, customers can still set manual checks for certain dealerships or specific claims where needed.

What benefits will I see from automatic adjudication?

Our customers have seen a wide range of benefits including improved system control, reduced warranty costs, reduced fraud, and reduced administration time and costs.

Due to increased automated processes and the Dealers’ ability to have real-time feedback, warranty claims are submitted faster and easier. This entails more accurate information and can lead to faster payment for every party involved. Being able to save significant amount of time means many companies are seeing a reduction in warranty staff required for manual processing and can reassign employees for audit checks.

Is the warranty system fully integrated?

Yes. Full integration across all business modules between the OEM, Importer, and Dealers.

VIN Validation is also integrated to the system, providing dealers with up-to-date information on outstanding campaigns including recall and free/capped price servicing campaigns.

How flexible is the system?

The system is setup to be as flexible as the customer needs it to be. You’re able to set different rules for different dealers, parts, and prices. You can target specific dealers for audit purposes to ensure governance measure are complied with.

How does integration with other distribution software suppliers work?

We have interfaces and API’s to seamlessly work with third party systems, suppliers, customers, legislative companies and partners.

Is the warranty software able to grow along with our business needs?

Absolutely. The warranty software already caters for multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-location, multi-lingual, and multi-currency businesses.

Completely customised. Does that require a long implementation time?

No. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to continuously meet the deadlines required. When implementing Fujitsu General (Aust)‘s warranty system, the National Service Manager credited us on our “extensive track record for delivering superior functionality, on time and on budget.”

What other problems has Pentana Solutions’ warranty software solved for its customers?

Common functionality issues we’ve addressed have included the ability to provide head offices with regular detailed reports, management of seasonal spikes, full integration with existing systems, the ability to cater for goodwill and recalls, the ability to manage multiple suppliers on a single claim, control for levels of access, allow the dealer to have access to VIN details, cater for extended warranty, manage supplier claims & reimbursement, the ability to view workshop & service history, differentiate between distributor and supplier responsibility, and increased auditing of dealer claims.

More detail can be explained by our distribution sales team. For more information regarding Pentana Solutions’ warranty solution, please email us today or call 1300 007 925.